Keeping Your Family Safe During Home Renovation

When you have a renovation being done to your home, you have to prepare for many things you might not be used to every day. You have to prepare yourself for the mess, for the excessive noise, and for the workers coming and going in the part of your home you are renovating.

Aside from these, during home remodeling projects, there are also some untoward occurrences that might happen. While some people say that ‘accidents happen’, you should still do everything you can to stop them from happening.

You have to keep your family safe during home renovation, and to be able to do this, here are some steps you can take:

Ask your contractor and workers to use a separate door to gain entry to your home.

Letting the workers use another door to get inside your home can help you track them easier and will give you a little privacy. In relation to this, ask your kids and other family members to just use the door that’s not reserved for the workers.

Ask the workers to keep their tools in a safe place before leaving the site each day.

Frankly speaking, the builders or workers shouldn’t even be reminded of this anymore, but it’s better safe than sorry. Tools or building materials lying haphazardly on the floor can cause accidents.

Keep your children away from the renovation area.

Don’t let your kids play, run around, or even go near the renovation area. The renovation area is usually filled with dangerous tools, dust, and sometimes, even toxic chemicals. Keeping your kids away from the renovation area will keep them away from danger.

Keep your pets away from the renovation area, and away from the workers.

It’s only natural for your pet dogs to be unwelcoming to strangers entering your home. Therefore, keep them on leash at all times and away from the areas your workers will be accessing. Keep your dogs away from the worker’s entrance to keep the workers safe as well.

Smart Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodeling

Every year, homeowners in Canada have their homes renovated. Just last year, a poll administered by the CIBC Home Renovations revealed that 45% of Canadians plan to have their homes renovated. And, out of all the rooms in a home, the kitchen is one of the spaces frequently remodeled by thousands of homeowners.

Some homeowners update their kitchens simply because they want something new, while others do it to replace some items that are not working very well anymore. There are also homeowners who renovate their kitchens as a means of investment as they intend to sell the house in the near future.

No matter what your reason is for having a kitchen remodel, one thing’s for sure – renovating a kitchen will cost a lot. But just because it is a given that a kitchen renovation project will be expensive, doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to bring the renovation prices down.

By making some adjustments, planning ahead, and coming up with smart decisions, you can really save on your kitchen renovation bills.

One way you can cut down the prices of renovation is by not having your kitchen cabinets replaced. Cabinets, especially custom built ones, cost a lot. You can still update your cabinetry by simply repainting it with a different color, or replacing just its doors. But if you really couldn’t help it and feel the need for a cabinet replacement, it’s best that you go for a ready to assemble the cabinet.

Staying away from installing recessed lighting will also save you some cash. Although recessed lights are more preferable for some, these types of lights will require additional work as they need to be installed within the ceiling. This means cutting a hole and needing additional work for the electrical wiring.

Shop for materials and decorative items during major sales. Yes, waiting around for a discounted sale to be announced is not a very thrilling thought. However, if it would save you a significant amount of cash then it simply is worth the wait.